HID Lighting

Professional HID Lighting Installation

Brilliantly Light up the Road

Do you ever wish that you could see better when you are driving down a dark road at night? Manufacturers of high-end vehicles have been using High Intensity Discharge lighting as standard equipment for years. Don’t be left in the dark with your stock lighting. Contact us today.
We offer HID lighting installation services for your vehicle. These lights are brighter and provide a whiter light output, providing extra light as you drive. They add both style and function that allow you to see better at night while adding a touch of style to your ride.

We Won't Make You Wait

You don't have time to wait. The experts at Audio Tint Force Autos can get your new headlights installed quickly and professionally, so you don't have to be without your car when you need it the most.

HID lighting

Benefits of HID Lighting

  • Better visibility
  • Brighter, whiter light
  • Added style
  • Increased car value
We are a locally owned shop. We have been proudly serving the Snohomish area. We care about the results, and we will work to ensure your job is done right and to your total satisfaction.
Call us for a FREE consultation today.
You can drive down the road with confidence. Get HID lighting installed for your car today.

High-end ballast
Installation: Starting at $129
12-month warranty

Premium CAN-BUS Ballast
Installation: Starting at $199
60-month warranty
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